What have I accomplished after living in Australia for two years?

    Although I feel that I have accomplished a lot during my time in Australia, I will focus on my three my major achievements.

    1. Becoming completely independent
    2. Being outside of my comfort zone, thus learning new skills
    3. Traveling to all the major cities of each State and Territory in Australia

    Growing up in an Asian house, I lived with my parents until I was 28 years old. Yes, I said TWENTY-EIGHT years old. I am sure you can do the math and figure out how old I am. Traditionally in an Asian household, I would have probably moved out when I got married but that definitely wasn’t the case as I was NOWHERE near getting married anytime soon. I’ve always been pretty mentally independent. I knew what I wanted to do (to some extent) and figuring out how to get there. However, I wasn’t completely 100% independent. You know what is the best way to be completely independent? Moving to the other side of the world! Yes, obviously, I did just that. When I made the decision to move to Australia, I only knew one person and no one else. Some people may view this as a bad thing but I see it as an opportunity because living abroad and not knowing anyone will kick in survival mode. Which leads to my next point, it forces you to be in a position outside of your comfort zone. That is probably the best place to be in to grow and learn about yourself. I had to learn how to find a job, place to live, how to cook for myself and make new friends in a brand-new environment on my own.

    One of the first meals that I made, Vietnamese pork chop with broken rice called Com Tam. I’m not particularly gifted in cooking in any way but my main motivation to cook was to feed myself food my mom would have made back at home.

    My first challenge when I moved to Australia was how I was going to financially support myself because I had no job lined up. Luckily enough for me, I managed to get the job I am working at today. Now I feel lucky in more ways than just receiving a pay cheque, this job enabled me to travel to all the major cities across Australia in just two years (and not all on my dime as well)! I was able to travel to:

    • Melbourne
    • Darwin
    • Brisbane
    • Gold Coast
    • Perth
    • Hobart
    • Adelaide

    I have probably been to more places than an Australian has in two years but I guess it would the similar for an Australian on a working holiday in Canada. I will write a separate post for things to do and what to eat in those cities but leave me a comment below on city you want me to post first 🙂

    December 2017, Watson Bay, NSW. One of my favorite things to do in Australia is to go bush walking or go for scenic walks in general like this one! This was the Rose Bay to Watson Bay walk.

    I still have another year left on my work visa so I am looking forward to see what I will achieve in the coming year!


    Jason · September 27, 2018 at 2:07 pm

    I remember that table!

    Liana · September 30, 2018 at 1:44 am

    Sara – you have to cook for me cause that looks so good! You’ve always been independent but now you’ve gain domestic skills in a sense that you can run a household by yourself – in a faraway place no less! And I am jealous of your backyard, you get to see the vast blue ocean everyday!

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